• Arin is a Herrani slave whom Kestrel bought at an auction. They eventually fall in love, though their relationship is complicated by the mutual hatred between their respective countries. He is noted to be able to sing very well. He had a sister and parents who died when Valoria waged war on Herran. Arin's house was claimed by Irex, a Valorian man, but Arin reclaimed it during Herran's revolution.
  • It is suggested in the end of The Winner's Kiss that he and Kestrel get married.

Physical description Edit

He has light brown hair that is known to be long at the beginning of the first book, but that Kestrel will order to be cut. His skin is bronzed from outdoor labor and he is muscular. His eyes are stubborn but valiant (and the color is grey). He is also described to be very handsome.

Personality Edit

Arin has had a very hard childhood. Even though he was slave for ten years, he kept a stubborn and arrogant attitude. He is shown to be quite honest. He is also shown to be selfless and to care deeply for his love ones (for example, he was very worried that Kestrel would try to kill herself after the Herrani rebellion, so he made sure that she wouldn't have any access to knives or anything of the sort.)

He is shown to be a good leader, and to be very smart.

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